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A new piano stool can make an ideal gift for a piano player or pianist. If they are using an old piano stool that has seen better days or worse still a dinning chair then a brand new piano stool would make a great present.

You will need to consider a few things before you buy, don't just buy the first stool for sale that you see. Here are a few pointers.

Solo or Duet - Most are happy with a solo stool but a duet stool is more versatile. That extra space may just encourage someone watching to take a seat and try their hand. If you have a stool with under seat storage then it is obvious that a duet stool has more storage than a solo stool. The only down side is the price as a duet piano stool costs more then the equivalent solo stool.

Adjustable or fixed height - An adjustable piano stool ensures that the correct height can be obtained. Posture is very important and if the stool is not of the correct height then this will not be possible. An adjustable piano stool is more expensive but will not be outgrown and it can easily be used by players of differing heights.

Music storage - Just take a look at the piano. Is it cluttered with music books, papers and scribbled notes? Then a piano stool with storage is a must. If the existing piano stool (if there is one) has under seat storage and it is being put to good use the do not consider buying a stool without the storage compartment, you will not be thanked for it. If the amount of books and papers will not easily fit under the seat then a deep box piano stool is worth considering.

Style - Some UK retailers only have piano stools for sale with straight legs, fine if you have a digital piano or keyboard but what if you have an older piano. Then you will need a stool with turned or shaped legs. Common types of shaped leg for UK piano stools are Chippendale, Cabriole, Regency, Empire or Classic. Other things to consider are the seat fabric, do you want a full fabric seat or with a timber surround? Do you want a deep buttoned seat, perhaps in leather? This is commonly known as a concert stool. Do you want side rails or handles on the stool, this is a classic style piano stool.

Double seat - If the person you are buying for is a music teacher or plays duets with younger members of the family then a double seat or piano teachers stool may be just what you need. Two independently adjustable seat pads provide the correct height for both players. These stools do have not normally have music storage.

Online or in store - Buying from a shop can have its advantages, you can see the item before you buy and it's ready to take away with you. If you are lucky enough to have a large music shop near you with a range of piano stools to suit your needs then you are very lucky. The number of piano retailers in the UK is rapidly on the decline as the space needed to stock a large range of pianos is very expensive. What about online? Well you have an almost endless choice at the best prices and its delivered straight to your front door. Auction sites, cheap and cheerful and you will get a cheap piano stool but it will not necessarily be a wise purchase. Cheap and inexpensive are not the same thing, try to find a site that supplies recognized and trusted brands. If they specialize in just piano stools then that's even better. When looking to buy anything online always be careful of hidden charges. UK delivery costs and VAT should be clearly displayed or better still included. Try a search on Google for piano stools for sale.

Piano bench - What's the difference between a piano stool and a piano bench? In the UK a piano stool is anything to sit on at a piano, round, solo or duet. In the USA a piano stool usually refers to a round stool, a piano bench will have four legs and can be either solo or duet.

Keyboard stool - So what's the difference between a piano stool and a keyboard stool. Well a keyboard stool is usually made of metal with a folding action. They are simple and cheap to produce. If you have a keyboard for less than 100, why would you buy a wooden piano stool easily costing double that?

How much - So how much should you expect to pay for a decent piano stool? Well if you opt for a simple straight leg, fixed height piano stool without storage with a choice of wood colours and fabrics you should be able to find one online for under the 100.00 mark. This should include delivery and VAT, watch out for web sites that add this on at the end. A top of the range duet deep buttoned leather concert stool can cost as much as 800.00 so as you can see the price range is huge and it generally depends on what you require.

Brands - So who make quality piano stools? Here's a short list of the most reconized manufacturers.

Fletcher and Newman - Based in the UK, they own the Tozer brand and also import Discacciati stools. Fletcher and Newman (trade only).

Woodhouse - Owned by USL Ltd. Made in the UK in a huge range of styles, colours and fabrics. Woodhouse (trade only).

Yamaha - Yamaha piano stools are only available in a limited selection of colours. The stools are fixed height without music storage. Yamaha UK. (trade only).

piano stools

piano stools for sale
piano stools for sale

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